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Short Stories

The strongest protection guardian of the spirit possession! Thousands of nights wish

He is my samurai, Hiiragi Ai. In staring into God 's eyes Stomps chose the strongest guardian spirit. Well for detailed information on "Searching for possession and marriage". Being a guardian spirit, I was blown by Japan 100 years later and a stone monument of Eagle was built there. Well I pull out my back. When I climb to the top of the mountain because I am free, I could see a completely different scenery. You got a lot of things you never saw and had your back down again. I wish I had been at a loss. A young stomach will come to my stone monument and worship it. Every day, every day, every day. One day the girl said that. Terakoya who my father runs is dangerous. I thought of fulfilling the wishes of the elderly, but it seems that there is someone's memory. I tried speaking to the stomach. "It seems that there is a memory to make your wish come true." Tell me which memory is good. " Could it be heard by this belly? "Hi, Hi, Hiiri Hiiragi?" The web was surprised and turned over. "Well, I saw it everyday" Apparently I can not see the figure of mine. "Well, may I memorize when I quarreled with my father recently?" Who's that? When? What kind? There is no binding. "Let's do that, let's make your wishes come true!" I shine the light That light went somewhere. Later I knew that the name of this girl was a thousand nights, a lot of money was found from the warehouse of the house and the school picked up. "One thousand nights and the school has picked up but it's temporary, are not rituals that make wishes true to school specialties?" I did not want to be lonely anyhow. You wanted someone to come here. "Mr. Love-sama, I can not tell a person, but it is a fellow who wants me to make the wish for granting only the inconvenient memories realize it!" Thousands of nights worriedly said " The owl makes amulets, it fulfills the wishes of only those that paid it, and that funding can be used for school. "When I said that, the thousand nights lowered my head and made a promise. "Thankfully I am happy." Senjyo still does not give up his head "Often I do not understand the power of papers yet, is it Gudaguda, may it still change?" Senjyo finally raised his face "Here We will keep a small hut and continue to make amulets to protect this place. "It was the beginning of the ceremony which this is forgetting

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